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"Suvarna, Former Devadasi Temple Prostitute" Suvarna had been a dedicated temple prostitute since she was 11 or 12 years old (she wasn’t sure), she is now 45. She has 6 children living with her; all their fathers are unknown. Her parents, extremely poor, as are all the temple prostitutes parents, sold her for 10,000 Rupees ($250 U.S. dollars). She was the oldest daughter, one of five sisters. She told me that there is no training when you enter into temple prostitution, “you were (just) baptized.” For over 30 years she had sex with 3 or 4 men a day, with only a single day per week off. Her parents were proud of her, she was able to send them money, and because she pleased so many men she was treated better by the priests than some who weren’t garnering as many “happy devotees.” Escaped 4 years ago and was given food and shelter by Pastor K. Manohor (Operation Mobilization, O.M.) from the very day of escape. Only searched for by the temple priests for 3 weeks, the priests were not too upset that she has left, being past her earning prime. Younger women however are not as fortunate, if a girl (as young as 11) or woman leaves, she would be caught and confined until she agrees again to be raped. 2007
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